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​​What is the firm's goal in representing you?  

​Accident & Personal Injury Law Center wants you to be a satisfied client who is so pleased with our services that you will have no hesitation to recommend us to your family and friends should they require a personal injury attorney. We look forward to representing you and working with you to achieve that goal by obtaining a fair recovery on your behalf. 

How much will you charge to handle my case?

​There is no charge for your first visit or telephone call. All your questions will be answered and there is no obligation.

  • ​We never charge a fee unless we obtain a recovery for you. Our fee is a percentage of your recovery.
  • ​We will advance all costs for investigators, experts, filing fees and other expenses associated with obtaining the maximum    recovery possible. If a recovery is not made, you pay nothing.
  • ​We do not charge any fee for helping you settle your claim for damage to your vehicle.

What if I am not able to come to your office?

In the event your injury prevents you from traveling to our office, one of our attorneys will meet with you at your house, the hospital, your work or a convenient location near you.

How long will it take for my case to be resolved?   

In order to maximize your recovery it is generally necessary that we postpone any attempt to settle your case, until the treating doctors can accurately predict what problems or limitations you will likely have in the future as a result of your injuries. Once a case is settled it is over forever. The last thing we want to happen is to settle your case too soon and then find out that your condition is worse than was originally believed. In order for us to obtain a full recovery for you it is important for your doctors to have enough time to completely diagnose and treat your injuries and understand the full extent of any future limitations or need for potential future treatment.    

Who decides when it is time to try to resolve my case?   

Our office will obtain your medical records from all of your doctors. At times your attorney may conference with one or more of your doctors for the purpose of having them prepare a report which will be submitted to an insurance company or the defendant in your case. When your doctors have completed your treatment, performed all necessary diagnostic tests and have determined that you have reached Amaximum medical improvement@, that is you are not likely to get any better or worse, we will request that a report be prepared outlining the degree of permanent impairment you have sustained as a result of this accident. It is the preparation of that report that begins the settlement process.    

If settlement cannot be reached with an insurance company or the individual tort-feasor, we will consider the advisability of filing a lawsuit.  There are cases however, where it is important or potentially more beneficial to start a lawsuit immediately.  Under no circumstances will a lawsuit ever be commenced without your permission or knowledge. 

How do you decide how much my case is worth?

Every personal injury case involves an analysis of two elements:   LIABILITY & DAMAGES

​In analyzing the liability aspect of your case, we must determine in our opinion, the probability  of proving that the defendant was negligent. Negligence means that the defendant did something that a reasonable person would not have done or failed to do something that a reasonable person would have done under the same circumstances. Also we must be able to establish that the defendant=s action or inaction caused your injuries. If liability cannot be proven, then no compensation or damages can be recovered.      

​The liability analysis also requires us to evaluate the probability of the defendant proving to a judge or jury, that you were partly responsible for your own injuries. In analyzing the damages aspect of your claim, we will determine which of the following legally recoverable elements of damages apply to your case:

  1. Medical expenses incurred from the date of your accident or injury until the date of settlement or trial and those expenses reasonably expected to be incurred in the future;
  2. Lost wages incurred  from the date of your accident or injury until the date of settlement or trial and loss of future earning capacity;
  3. Pain and suffering, disability, physical impairment, mental anguish, inconvenience, aggravation of a disease or physical defect or loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life  from the date of your accident or injury until the date of settlement or trial and in the future;
  4. The loss of your spouses services, comfort, companionship, society and attentions from the date of your accident or injury until the date of settlement or trial and in the future.

Because pain and suffering is an element of every personal injury case and because no two injured parties have the same amount of pain and suffering, no two cases ever have the same exact value, no matter how much alike they may seem. 

​To determine how much money to ask the defendant or insurance company to pay in your case, we rely on our experience gained from handling other similar cases as well as a review of Florida=s Jury Verdict Reporter which publishes verdicts from every county in the State on a monthly basis as well as a review of your case my the attorneys in our firm.

Who makes the decision to settle my case?        

​You are the only person who can decide to settle your case. However, we will provide you advise and direction which will assist you in making the decision whether to settle your case or go to trial. ​It is important for you to understand that a settlement guarantees some recovery, but no lawyer can guarantee a recovery if your case goes to trial.  A settlement is a compromise. If we are unable to negotiate a settlement with which you are satisfied, the other option is to accept the risks associated with a trial and allow a judge or jury to return a verdict. 

How can I go about scheduling a consultation with an attorney?

​You can call Sarah Weissbard or Mary Jo Meives at 1-800 DAMAGES or (954) 458-6626 to schedule a no obligation appointment with an attorney who can answer all of your questions.  Don't wait.

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